NESCO, Respiratory Humidifier, HFO-1 (HFNC)

Advanced humidity control with minimum condensation
Proprietary anti-cross infection design without extra work on disinfection
Proprietary algorithm, monitoing nasal pressure and breathe rate
Comply with higher safety standard for home use
High flow (2-80 LPM)
Continuous 02 Analyzer without changing sensor
Accurate flow control (< 0.5 LPM)
SpO2 monitor (optional)

Dual CPU for safety redundandcy.
Redundant temperature control
Disconnection Alarm
Occlusion Alarm
Water Alarm

considerate design
Support various interfaces such as nasal oxygen tube,tracheostomy tube, face mask, etc
Intelligent design of heating tube to reduce condensategeneration
Automatic water renewal function of humidification ta-nk, reducing the workload of users

Humidity output > 33 mg/L at 37 ºC
> 12 mg/L at 34 ºC
> 12 mg/L at 31 ºC
Temperature Setting 31,34 and 37 ºC
Flow Range Adult 10 to 80 LPM
Pediatrics 2 to 25 LPM
Flow Setting Resolution 1 LPM ( <25 LPM range) and 5LPM for(25 to 70 LPM range)      Flow Accuracy 0.5LPM
oxygen Flow Maximum 80 LPM
Oxygen Concentration Range 25 to 95%
Oxygen Concentration Accuracy <3%
Power 50-60Hz,100-115V 1.6A(2.2A Max), 220-2401.2A(3.2A Max)
Dimension 273 mmx 170mm x 175 mm
Weight <2.1Kg
Connectivity Wi-Fi Support HIS system

Warranty 2 Years


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NESCO, Respiratory Humidifier, HFO-1 (HFNC)