Water bath DWB20-S

DLAB makes high quality water baths for laboratory application, making the DWB20-S a useful tool for incubating samples and keeping them at a constant temperature. Controls of this water bath are very easy, utilizing its digital interface. Best suited to be part of the equipment of a science research laboratory, the DWB20-S is ideal for incubation of cell cultures, reagent heading and a safe way to heat flammable chemicals.

Warranty 2 Years




  • 20 liter heating capacity
  • DWB20-S can easily maintain a stable internal temperature
  • Up to +100° C temps, shown on an LED display
  • Overheating protection
  • High temp accuracy and adjustment with a PID controller
  • The water bath has a high temp and corrosion resistant lid, made of 304 stainless steel
  • Unit has a dedicated internal magnetic circulation pump which allows it to distribute the heat evenly and prevent any water from leaking
  • Even temperature spreading helps to avoid any bumping phenomenon while machine is used

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Water bath DWB20-S