Nesco, LED Examination Lamp, KS-Q5, White

By adopting multilayer film optics technology, KS-Q5 LED spot examination lamp gathers and enlarges through optics, making
common of giving out light effect to become clearly and light spot even high-quality light flat surface effect. It is extensively applied in the industry, medical, treatment, jewelry, photograph, scientific research etc.,It is currently more advanced lighting equipments at home and abroad.

Traditional and the most popular medical spot examination lamp with the handle on the lamphead, integrated with the switcher.
Facula size is adjustable.
Super long articulated arm reach 100cm for easy position
IR-free technology from LED light source reduces the sensation of heat for the patient and doctor
LED service life 40 times longer than Halogen bulb
Low energy consumption : 1/3 less than conventional Halogen system
Tissue do not dry up as rapidly during the intervention under very low radiation from thelight
KS-Q5provides “daylight” illumination for truer tissue color rendition and easier diagnostis and treatment.
Articulated arm ensures the light is easy to move and position and doese not drift. NO dead-angle examination and long reach range is presented.
Ideal for GP practices, E.N.T., Ophthalmology, Gynaecology , small theatre, minor operations and other surgery use

Warranty 1 years.


Model KS-Q5
Illumination Power of LED 5W
No.of LED 1 LED
Light intensity 25000lx D=30cm
10000lx D=50cm
Light field diameter max 70mm min 15mm D=30cm
Color Temperature 4800-6000K
Control system Dimmer brightness adjustment
Light spot Adjusted by circle on lamphead
Structure Lamphead Full alluminum lamphead with S.S handle,Inter Multi-optical lens and light grate
Diameter of lamphead 25mm
Length of lamphead 125mm
Flexiable soft arm 100cm length goose neck ,no-dead angle
Power supply Voltage 100V-260V 50/60Hz
Plug AC/DC adpator with changeable plug head
Power cord 272cm length without adaptor
Appearance Color Black
Configuration Mobile with detachable metal base, wall ,table, rail clamp
Battery Inside Model KS-Q5B(Option)
Charging time 6 hours
DC time 9 hours




Technical Specification
Bulbs/power 1 LED / 5 W
ø of Lamp Head 25 mm
Illumination 25,000 lux at 30 cm
10,000 lux at 50 cm
Light field max 70 mm,
min 15 mm at 30 cm
Color temperature 4,800°-6,000° K
Lamphead ø 25 mm, lenght 125 mm
Power supply 100.260 V, 50/60 Hz
Power cord Length 272 cm

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Nesco, LED Examination Lamp, KS-Q5, White