Filter tips with rack, 100ul, 96pcs/rack

Min 1 rack (1 rack = 96pcs)


  1. The boxed filter tip is convenient for discharging guns and pipette automatic stations. Using the boxed filter tip greatly improves the work efficiency in the process of pipetting and testing;
  2. The cartridge filter tip has good sealing performance, no need to do enzyme removal and sterilization twice before use, which is convenient to use;
  3. The filter element of the cartridge filter tip is assembled with automatic equipment to ensure the stability of the product;
  4. The filter element of the boxed filter tip has a small micron pore size.


Quick Details
Place of Origin 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml ( optional: 1/2/3mL )
Brand Name Globalroll
Model Number NLD244
Size 12.3*8.3*11.3, 12.3*8.3*11.3
Material PP
Quality Certification CE
Color White blue red yellow
Usage Single-use
Application Laboratory
Feature Easy
Function Filling

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Filter tips with rack, 100ul, 96pcs/rack