Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, Nesco WG-0.6JD(S)


– Designed and manufactured according to Chinese standards GB150 (Pressure vessel), GB8599 (Specifications with large capacity autoclave), TSG R0004 (Specification and safety with air conditioner) controller)

– Rectangular cylindrical horizontal chamber, double housing in stainless steel S30408

– 2 door type

– Meet the requirements of GMP

– Door system ensures tight and smooth opening

– Sterilized pipeline system: ensure safe use and long life

– Sterilization control system: PLC, Siemens touch screen, easy program selection, parameter setting, control, operation, report processing, safety features

– Equipped with a vacuum pump, for the best sterilization conditions and absolute drying in vacuum conditions

Warranty 2 Years




– Dimensions of the steam chamber: 1200 x 610 x 910 mm (L x Width x Height) equivalent to 666 liters

– Outer dimensions: 1500 x 1360 x 1950 mm (L x Width x Height)

– Design pressure: 0.245Mpa

– Working pressure: 0.225Mpa

– Design temperature: 139oC

– Working temperature: 105 – 134oC

– Vacuum degree: -0.09 MPa

– Temperature stability: ± 1oC

– Inlet water pressure: 0.15 – 0.3 Mpa

– Compressed air pressure: 0.3- 0.7 MPa

– Vapor pressure: 0.3- 0.7 MPa

– Steam consumption: 30kg

– Water consumption capacity: 45kg

– Power consumption: 3KW

Machine weight: 1400kg

– Power supply: AC 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase


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Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, Nesco WG-0.6JD(S)