Four’s Low mini Centrifuge CF0201001

Mini Centrifuge
The Fixed speed mini centrifuge is ideal for low speed applications, like micro-filtrations and cell separations, and has a very silent operation. It comes with two interchangeable rotors and the click-on design allows for easy rotor change without tools. A braking function quickly stops the unit when powered off or when the transparent lid is opened. Excellent dynamic balancing ensures stable running even if the rotor is unbalanced on two sides.

Warranty 2 years

Typical Applications:

● Used for applications which do not require high speeds, e.g. micro-filtrations and cell separation

● Used for both PCR-microtubes and PCR-strips.


● Fixed speed of 5400rpm

● Low noise ≤50dB

● High safety by low operation voltage and door open braking system

● Enclosed design reduces the risk of liquid splashing into the equipment

● Excellent dynamic balance keeps stable running even if the rotor is unbalanced on two sides

● Click-on design allows for very easy rotor change without tools

● Equipped with 2 interchangeable rotors of 1.5/2mL x 6 and PCR 8 x 2



Product Specification :

Model CF0201001
Max. Speed[rpm] 5400
Max. RCF[x g] 2000
Input 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Output 24VDC, 2A
Run time Continuous operation
Driving motor DC motor
Rotor capacity 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0mL x 6
0.2mL x 16 PCR strips
0.2mL x 2 PCR 8 strips
Noise level [dB] ≤50
Dimension 6.9” x 5.5”
Weight [kg] 1.85

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Four's Low mini Centrifuge CF0201001