Fogging machines TS-35A E manual

This Grande fogging machine has a compact design and can be disassembled easily transported and stored. Designed with a sturdy yet lightweight construction, it is excellent for use in vector/disease carrier control operations. Grande’s fog produces small droplets that are uniformly sized and flat. Its superior ignition coil system does not require spark plugs, making its maintenance and calibration very easy.



Thermal Fogger is used for outdoor areas of yard areas, waterways, culverts, warehouses, open fields, oil palm plantations, cocoa, animal husbandry and fisheries with a system of smoking and heating so as not to pollute the environment and not damage crops. For open areas work is carried out before 10 am and after 3 pm.

KEMENKES RI No.:FR.03.02/VA/2164/2018


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Fogging machines TS-35A E manual